17 February, 2006
New digs in real space = new digs in cyberspace. I'll get to the blogging soon. Sheesh, moving is hard work. If you need me I'll be at


Till then, I am, as always...

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28 October, 2005
Since I can't blog about what is going on in my life and I think about it far too much anyway, I'd say this is a good time for a copycat post. So this is what happens when you type in [your name] and the word "needs". And now for your moment of meme.

Lola needs... a good home to call her own. (prophetic, no?)

Lola needs... someone to write a user manual for the database.

Lola needs... a hundred thousand marks for Manni.

Lola needs... to go sit down somewhere.

Lola needs... to let her inner slut out for an airing.

Lola needs... the love of her life to accept the changing tide of his life.

Lola needs... to help her boyfriend, Manni, out of a jam he's gotten himself into. (ahhh, I was wondering who Manni was. Run, Lola, run.)

Lola needs... to be sold NOW as her owner has already purchased a new pony and horse.

Lola needs... to get some capital behind her and sort out her next step.

Lola needs... even more.

In the immortal words of Missy B (words that were taught to her by Lola herownself) , TAA DAA!!!

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17 October, 2005
I've tried and tried and I finally give up. I can't get the stupid haloscan to work correctly on this template. I screwed it up somehow and have no earthly idea how to go about unscrewing it. Instead of having comments for each entry it shows all new comments on each new entry and on all the old ones as well. If anyone knows how to remedy this error I'd gladly welcome the help.

Other than that, my life is in continuous turmoil and my habitation hangs in the balance. Since I have recently become wary of Spies Ima hold off on telling anything about it here until whatever needs to be done is done. Rest assured that there will be one heck of a story to tell at some point. Patience, dear friends, patience.

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05 October, 2005
I have a new template, so that's cool. I'm still working out the bugs in it and haven't gotten around to adding all my links or any blinkies. Adding the comments section was a pain. Haloscan's auto install was having problems so I had to add it manually, which took about a million hours since I have virtually no idea what I'm doing and I'm learning it a piece at a time. However, I do like this template. It is pretty and simple. Those are two things my life is NOT at the moment.

There isn't a whole lot more news right now. At least none I can post here. We're still trying to find a solution to the newest obstacle. No solution in sight. There is a lot more laundry in sight though so I need to finish the folding. Then I can start on the mountain of dishes that has miraculously appeared in the sink. After that I can finally start dinner. Woo freakin' hoo.

I'm out. Again. Hope you like the new digs.

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I thought we had a foothold. I thought things might, just might, be turning in our favor. Turns out it was just those stupid clicks before the big drop. I'll be hanging upside down soon. That smile on Sunday was a fluke.

She may not be bright but she is crafty and she does play dirty.

Plus, I have the hiccups.

And the migraines are back.

But I do have cookies.

And creme brulee ice cream from Hagen Daz.

And Starting Over is being TiVoed as we speak.

And I have Natasha Bedingfield's new CD.

Someone please pray for strength for M. I think God is sick of listening to me. Either that or His answer was "No". I hope it is just the first one because this is officially too much for me and my next therapy appointment isn't till next Friday.

On another note, I am thoroughly sick of this template. I found a few I like but they come in zip files and although I have Winzip I have no idea how to use it. If anyone wants to teach me I am willing to learn. I just need a change.

Blech, Ima go fold laundry.

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28 September, 2005
That's my life. Well, hell. Y'all know that. You've been here.

For the past few days I've been taking care of my Grandmother, Mo. Apparently it is my lot in life to take care of somebody's grandparent. I'm thankful that this time it is my own and that I get the chance to spend some time with her. We have always gotten along (as long as I am not co-habitating with her) and are a lot alike. I don't know what that says about me because we all know she's nuts. It is the good kinda nuts though. Fortunately, since we are so alike I have insights on when she is feeding a line of crap to my parents and can tip them off. Unfortunately, since we are so similar, when she decides that she wants someone there with her she means me. She's decided that as soon as I get a car she wants to pay me to come over and cook and keep house for her. I loaded her up on food yesterday (shrimp sauteed in a pesto cream sauce over angel hair pasta for yesterday and a big pot of chili to take care of the next few days that I won't be able to get over there) and got as much cleaning done as I could. I've also convinced her to see her doctor about her "balance problem". She says it is her inner ear. We know otherwise, but whatever.

I took the new dog over there to introduce them. Mo is very fond of Copper and made me move off of the couch when she thought he wanted to sit where I was. That's normal. Copper has been doing great and is fitting in really well. He loves to play all the time. I forgot how much fun it was to play with a dog who doesn't get bored with toys in a few seconds. Of course, Copper's toys don't last much longer than a few minutes since his greatest joy in life is to destroy anything that claims to be indestructible. He's gone through about 25 toys since we've had him and just keeps coming back for more. He's such a good dog though. He will not play with anything that hasn't been given to him so I have no fear that my shoes or the cell phone or my remotes are in danger of being Copperized. His favorite game is tug o' war but he is having a great time learning how to fetch and M is having a great time having a reason to throw a football. Our biggest problem is Copper not fully understanding that he can't have the run of the upstairs portion of the house yet. I finally found a barricade that works yesterday so that makes my life a little easier when I have to leave the house and I can't take him with me.

We've made a little progress on the house front. No full details until we've got it completely done, but I'll let y'all know when that happens. We are finishing the kitchen this weekend. Okay, we're finishing all the kitchen projects that we already have the supplies for this weekend and will continue on it as we get the money to buy the very few remaining supplies. Either way, I will finally have my kitchen soon. That's a BIG yea! Hey, progress is progress.

We had "the money talk" with The MIL Monday night. She now knows that we will pay our share of the household bills but since The Spy is without a job she will be responsible for his bills until he starts to pay them himself. This could explain the fact that after she had a little talk with The Spy soon after ours he left the house bright and early the next morning and came home with employment. Nothing like unveiled threats to get the ball rolling, huh?

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26 September, 2005
Remember when I said that I hoped The Spy lost his job for continuing to call in to work to spy on my ass? Well, I hope I win a million dollars.

Yup, he is currently unemployed. Also, his chances of currently being emplyable are nil considering that he doesn't leave this house except to go to the front porch to smoke. Personally, I think that is kinda silly anyway because everyone else has just started smoking in the house lately. M and I have kept to confined to the downstairs portion of the house but BIL #2 and his girlfriend were watching a football game in the living room on Saturday and puffing away.

For the record, no, I have no clue how The Spy will be paying his bills, but since he has been The MIL's butt monkey for several months now Ima make sure she knows who M and I feel is responsible for his financial security.

In other news, Mo is having a rough time of it lately. She isn't really eating. She said she would eat, but only if I brought her dinner every night. So, of course I'll be doing that. Seeing as I don't have a car and The Spy isn't doing anything else impotant, he's gonna be schlepping my ass to and from until further notice. Because if he doesn't I will find a way to cut off the air supply to his bedroom.

Let's see, what else? Oh, I got the sweetest call from my "baby brother" on Saturday. No, we didn't recently add another member to our family, D and I were pretty much raised together and have always considered each other siblings. I haven't talked to him in forever and I was so thrilled to hear from him. I now have his new cell phone number so I will be pestering him ad nauseum from now on. He is just the greatest guy ever. He's smart, funny, cute, accomplished, and phenominally talented. I couldn't be prouder of him if he personally brought me beer.

mmmmmmmm, beer. Is it too early for beer?

That's about it. I'm working on a new iPod playlist and I'm sure the fact that I have a raging case of PMS will color it slightly. I'll let you know how it turns out if I ever decide to crawl back out of it.

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20 September, 2005
She's set her spy on me now. I guess to make sure that I don't steal grandmonster's Neil Diamond scrapbook. I tried to tell her that it is only actual diamonds I like but I don't think she listens too well. She was too busy stealing MY Noritake china.

The joke's on her though. Her spy doesn't wake up till about 5pm, and then he goes outside and smokes and talks on the phone to his girlfriend until 11. I could rob the place blind.

Hence the fact that there are no longer plastic lawn animals on the front porch.

Just so she knows, the fact that her spy is here and not at work means that when he can't come up with his share of the bills this month she gets to pay them. I hope he loses his job.

I guess I finally got to the pissed off place, huh? I'm going back to bed. The new season of Starting Over started yesterday. It is a couple's boot camp. I like to watch and laugh at their silly little problems. Then I send them emails and offer to trade. Plus, I want Iyanla's entire wardrobe. It looks like it doesn't touch a single part of her body. I can get into that. I think Ima get even fatter so I can wear stuff like that more often.

I am well on my way to reaching that goal. I had a bakedown (kinda like a breakdown but with shortening and sugar) yesterday and made 3 dozen blueberry muffins. Hey, we didn't want the pints of fresh blueberries in my fridge to go bad, did we?

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