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a. i will fight you for stacey - although i really want her brother. i was talking to her this weekend and said i wanted him to touch my bad parts - to which she told me there are no bad parts - so i said i wanted him to touch my juicy parts - have i said too much?
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as long as he makes his rounds and hits all the pink parts i think you'll be okay.

and she's my wife!! no stealing. but i'll let you watch... or video tape it, or join in if you want.
" "
i think i mentioned the pink parts as well.

see, this is why we are 3.

love and kisses on all YOUR pink parts too.
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Y'all do realize that this is Allie's world and we just get to live here right?

I mean she does have the crown to prove it and all.
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is there any wonder why i dig hrt so much?
" "
i dig him as well, but i also have a stockpile of tiaras, one of which has my actual name on it. but i am fortunate enough to be on the short list of those who are allowed free reign in allie's world and i am damn happy about it!

and it's cosmicly miraculous that the 3's were brought together to impart our collective wisdom on the rest of the world. i like us best.
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30 August, 2004
M came home early today and that cuts into my computer time. So now I am forced to run errands and clean the house and prepare dinner and stuff. None of which I prefer over spouting opinions here.

Somehow I have to figure out how to fit an extra $800 for a new fridge into our already stretched budget. That's the downside. The upside is that when we took Grandmonster to see the fridge we're gonna buy (which I had already spent weeks researching and price comparing and consumer report reading about so she didn't get all scrappy and think she gets to pick the new fridge out herself) she got snarky with me and I said "Watch it Old Woman. You will fit in this freezer." The salesman was much amused. Grandmonster laughed, he laughed, I mentally sized her up to see how many times I'd have to fold her to fit in there and still have room for both Ben and Jerry.

Hopefully I'll be on here later to relegate you with stories of me getting to see my wifey (who is more spectabulous than you can possibly imagine and she is mine, all mine!!!) and Cindy (who I love more than is legal in the state of Vermont so it's a good thing I live here)unexpectedly on Saturday. This made the fact that the other #3's were partying hardy without me much easier to take.

And I should be on later this afternoon since M is off to sign a few more things so we can be considered for the loan we need to fix our basement. Send him some "BIG MONEY, NO WHAMMIES" juju so I can start getting estimates.

Now I am off to vacuum. Pray that it goes quickly and without incident. I hate to vacuum.

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