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see, i would have cut that list in HALF. but that is why i am making a CD for my father with only MY favorite songs on it.
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uuummmm daniel beddingfield. you KNOW i love that song .. and i love the infamous #3 mix .... AND i love that you're making my slow dance in the den cd. now my question to you becomes, will you also send a boy to dance with me. i have an idea of who i want. i just want ONE fucking time to dance to " how can you mend a broken heart" with him .. is that asking too much..

and b. tupelo honey. every time.
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oh - and rock star - i want a copy of that cd ... please!?!?!
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Include just the old stuff, it's more romantic and there is less chance of trying to sing along and messing up the words completely.
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allie, DONE.
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frogspots, first of all "YEA YOU!" and welcome to the fold! I agree. the old stuff is better. with #3GA's help I narrowed it down to a manageable number (it fits on 2 cd's) and with the BIL's help i made the setlist pretty much perfect. so sayeth me anyway.

but the proof is in the pudding. i'll get the cd's to the appropriate people and see what the reaction is.
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03 September, 2004
I tried, I really really did. I tried to keep the mix cd to a manageable length but it just wouldn't cooperate.

I am a music hound. I love almost everything (with the exception of most country, as previously posted) and I own a little bit of everything. And I enjoy listening to a little bit of everything all at once. So I make mix cd's for myself and for friends. They go more by moods than by genre. I've made them with titles ranging from "in love" to "I can do better" and "songs I am forced to sing along with" to "songs that make me remember boys in my past". I must admit that I have also made one or two titled "songs to do it to". It was requested by someone I dearly love that I make a cd called "slow dancing in the den". This is my current project.

I am being really meticulous about song choice and track order. I want the songs to flow into one another and set a mood and do my best to take the evening where it wants to go. It is basically the soundtrack to a really amazing date.

The problem is I have so many songs that I feel say the right things and have the perfect tempo that it has gone from one cd to a two disc set and it is now approaching box set. This is no longer the soundtrack to a date. It is now a long term relationship with Lloyd Dobbler. Now I have to weed some of the songs out, but how do you choose between Van Morrison's Crazy Love and Tupelo Honey? Do I need a song from both Big Luther and little Luther? Just how many Al Green songs can I get away with without just copying his entire discography? There are currently 36 songs on here!

I tried to get my partner in cd mixes, the non jailbird BIL, to help me thin the herd. Unfortunately, after he was done I had 7 more songs. Yeah, thanks Chris.

I need input. Perhaps if I get a better feel of what y'all might choose on a slow dance in the den mix I could get this under control. Here's a sample of what I've got on it thus far.

ain't no sunshine when she's gone-bill whithers
funny how time slips away-al green
the way you look tonight-michael buble
at last-etta james
somewhere only we know-keane
if you're not the one-daniel bedingfield
strong enough-sheryl crow
lover, you should have come over-jamie cullum
underneath it all-no doubt
she-elvis costello
whenever i say your name-mary j blige and sting
turn me on-norah jones
i wana know-joe
woman-maroon 5
by your side-sade
come back to bed-john mayer
no woman, no cry-bob marley
when you say nothing at all-allison krause
do right woman-commitments
ice cream-sarah maclauchlan

etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. Plus all the good artists have way more than one song. But seriously, how is a girl supposed to choose between Al Green songs? It's like Sophie's choice!

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