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you know if you were calling ANYONE but another #3 first - i'd be heartbroken...but calling her is a good as calling me! yay you!
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puhleeeeez. who do you think is next? did i mention 3 WAY CALLING? and call waiting? no more busy signals for you, Miss Georgia!
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wow. i need a tissue.
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hunny, if it was covered in my cingular wireless plan i'd call a tissue in for you.
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Ooo, ooo, I wanna three-way. Three-way me!
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you betcha. just letme figure out how to do it. so far i haven't been able to complete a single call due to "network failures in [my] call area". but at least they apologize for the inconvienence.

but i have a kick ass ring tone and when i turn the phone on it says "Hey Lola". rock on!
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omg, not only am i the ONLIEST one you want to call first, but you also used the word dillhole.
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she has been called. i got her machine and left a message but it cut me off so i had to call her again to tell her i love her and she picked up!!!! so i got to tell her i love her live and on satelliete! so let the calling begin!
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03 September, 2004
I did it. I got cell phone. I've been actively avoiding getting one for years because
3) M's old cell phone hated me and hung up on me every time I called.
3) I don't neccessarily want everyone to be able to track me down all the time.
and 3) I don't go anywhere.

But since my home phone is perpetually busy because some dillhole is constantly on the internet, or grandmonster wants to talk to my MIL for the 14th time today (nevermind that MIL is at work and has absolutely nothing to say to anybody) and long distance phone calls are kicking my ass financially (why oh why did God have the oversight to place my nearest and dearest far enough away from me that it is gonna cost me money?) I caved. So this morning, after the doctors appointment, I went out and bought not one, but two cell phones. M had to have one because I have spent too much time listening to busy signals when I am out and need to talk to him or someone at my house and he forgot to dissconnect when he was done playing on the internet 8FUCKINGHOURSAGO!

but at least i'm not bitter.

So now I have a cell phone. Now people can actually contact me! Wanna know what else? Sure you do. It has caller ID, call waiting, and 3 WAY CALLING!!!!!! Did I mention 3 way calling? That is an important part. I get to call not one, but 2 people at a time. And we can all talk together!!!

I have not yet christened my phone because the person I want to christel...I mean christen it on is not yet at home. So I guess I'll just have to wait. Thank God for Anytime Minutes.

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