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You are hardly a bag of bummer, missy. You made me smile, and that ain't nuthin'. I love you!
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i would take on your pain for way more than 5 minutes if it would give you some relief. i wish there was something, anything i could do to help ... have we sent the husband to the store for a new heating pad ... and i know you're with belle today ... i hope you're ok sweete pete, i'll call you tonight. duh. i talk to you everynight...
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yeah she'll call you. because she usually calls me after. and tells me all the fabulous shit you talked about. but get her to tell you about the story that had me on my side because i was a afraid of collapsing a lung i was laughing so hard.

and i would gladly take gus's spot once he gets a cramp in his tail. any day. all day. and i would have allie bring you jason mraz to feed you grapes. then we could really sleep all sleep all day sleep all sleep all day over.
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08 September, 2004
5 cool points to anyone who can tell me what movie I stole that line from.

I've got a big case of the ickies. It's the weather changes. When the seasons change round these parts I always hurt way worse than normal. I can usually ignore it and pretend it isn't there, or suck it up and move on, but the last few days have been an outright bitch. The pain just wakes me up out of a dead sleep. The meds are lasting a whole entire 45 minutes and then I am left to swing in the breeze. If I could just get 5 minutes without any type of pain I might be able to recollect myself and try to fake fine again. (and while we're dreaming, can someone have Jason Mraz delivered to my door so he can sing to me while he feeds me grapes?) No such luck. And my heating pad died a quick and painless death around 2 am. Fortunately Gus is not new to the unexpected demises of heating pads and as usual he positions himself right at the small of my back and sleeps. Without being asked. That's a good dog. Yeah, I have to feed and walk him, but at least he's cordless.

God is fair. I'm cute, I'm funny (well, not today, but usually), I have good hair, a great rack, a fantastic husband, the best friends that a girl has any right to ask for, a family I genuinely like, and 2 amazing dogs. A girl can't be expected to have everything so I have also been afflicted with Spina Bifida, tethered cord syndrome, an oily t-zone, and a grandmother in law. Those were the cards I was dealt, now let's play poker.

So the vacuuming is done, the dogs are fed and watered, things are thawing for dinner, the bathroom is clean enough, and it is just past 11am. Color me done. Heating pad or not, I'm going back to bed. I have my new Jason Mraz live cd and a stack of books to read. I'll catch y'all on the flip side.

Yeah, I know, I know. I'm a giant bag of bummer today. Can't help it. I just hurt more than the average bear. They all can't be winners.

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