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look at you with the triple posting in a matter of days.

i am so glad you have decided to join us again. it makes me happy.
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Okay, I protest! I sure hope we aren't going to have to look at this as long as we did the Nine Layer thing. I checked everyday to see if you posted. So where's the stories?
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i feel for you with the exploding head thing .. i'm still on that bus myownself
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09 February, 2005
hurts. I've got that "I have the ghetto flu and I can actually feel my head expanding" feeling. I know I promised to make with the stories of the Numbers Summit but the time I planned to finish a post about it was usurped by a Tylenol Cold and Sinus haze (because M failed to notice the giant letters on the box that said NIGHTTIME Tylenol Cold and Sinus when he made the Walgreen's run. S'ok, I felt no pain and caught up on the napping.

Now, of course, I only have but a minute to hop on here and promise that I have not faded away again. I actually have to go get ready to have lunch with my mom and crazy Grandma Mo and then do some repair work on a few of Mo's household items that were injured in the past few weeks.

But I shall return.

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