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i almost called you this morning with the mraz info --- then i thought - silly girl - she already knows!
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no one will have to wonder where we are between the hours of 2 and 6 today, huh? it's gonna be a mraztastic day!
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it's after 2. can you get to the Mr. A-Z songs? cause it's taking forever for my shitty dial up connection to load it.
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My speakers aren't working :(
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don't worry. apparently Mr. Mraz is a bit of a smart ass. when he said that between the hours of 2-6 PST we could hear the entire album, what he meant to say was we could hear every track on the album SIMULTANIOUSLY. so all 20someodd tracks played at once. now i know what a clusterfuck sounds like.

sure, that's damn funny...unless you wanna HEAR THE ALBUM! me, not laughing.
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imaneed to go buy that, huh?

i AM, after all, a 3.
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the new album, Mr.A-Z, is released July 26th. i don't know how ima make it till then.
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26 April, 2005
Blech. Last night sucked eggs, huh? But thanks to a post by my favoritest Tasty (#5IN for those playing the home game) I stopped the overwhelming ick and started noticing the good again. Plus, I washed my hair and I feel a really lot better now. I may not be able to fix everything, but as long as I continue to try I might be able to change something significantly.

Today I have gotten a second wind and Ima either fix the drain or call a plumber for an estimate. Just because I know I don’t have the money to pay for a plumber yet doesn’t mean I shouldn’t call them and see exactly how much he’s gonna cost. I will stop looking at the big picture and start taking things one teeny step at a time instead. It is, after all, the teeny tiny things that matter most. It applies to my life so it just might apply to the plumber too. Once I get the estimate I will decide what the next step should be and do that.

Look at me, with the growing up.

I am determined to get this taken care of before 2 of my favoritest Kentuckians (Brenda and Bonnie) come in to town Saturday to go to the Chreokee Art Fair with Jenny, Isabelle, and myself. We had so much fun last year I am surprised that they didn’t put a picture of us on the ads for this year. There will be manymanymanymany hats tried on, laughed about, squealed or gushed over, and pointed at. There WILL BE Kizito cookies purchased, consumed, and not left in Bonnie’s Queenmobile for her to eat later. That is a mistake I make only once. I will lose no more snickerdoodles by default.

I guess we’ll do some art shopping as well since Jennysue has a new kitchen and needs to acquire some extra beautimousness to adorn her olive colored walls. The art buying is my department , color me in! I am going to foot my foot down on one thing. I will not allow myself to purchase and bring home any hermit crabs. Harry, the hermit crab was an umfortunate decision on my part. Although it was great fun chasing M around the house with him it was considerably less fun to clean his bowl and find only distilled water for him to drink and bathe. I am D-U-N with hermit crabs. A hamster could be fun though.

Alright, I’m off to surf the net in search of something that will show me step by step how to fix cemented drains or how to figure out a way to pay for Beavis and Co. Plumbers to come back in my house. Maybe he’ll fall down the stairs again. That’d be worth it. Wish me luck.

For the Super Bonus Round: Guess which adorably musical dork with an uncoming album release has a TODAY ONLY surprise for his fans. The surprise is that you can listen to his entire new album on his website. This is available only today. Hurry. I'll see you there.

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