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24 May, 2005
The music is gone again. Why, oh why? All those songs that I spent the past year loading on to my computer from the fuckillion cds in my own personal music library will not come back. Oh, I thought they were back. They sure looked back. They were an illusion. The file names came back to my iTunes library but the files were nowhere to be found. As soon as I went to play them they got this ominous exclamation point next to them and the computer said the file could not be found.

Well, fuck.

I located a good number of them hiding out in a random documents folder called "New Folder". I can only assume that in their world "New Folder" is similar to "John Doe". (M is so never touching my music files ever again.) When I copied the files to drop back into the correct location for iTunes to find them it got about halfway through with the copying and gave me a message close to this one.

"Guess what? You have no more room on your hard drive. I'll tell you what. You delete a song and I'll give you a song. Eye for an eye, mothafucka. Love, your computer"

I gave up. I'm just going to have to buy a new, bigger, better hard drive to hold all my music. Until I can go out and get one I am stuck with the music still safely tucked within my iPod to tide me over. Fortunately, that is a decent amount of music. Unfortunately, I downloaded Mraz's new song off iTunes yesterday and I cannot get it on my iPod without sacrificing everything else. Talk about Sophie's Choice! Whatever, I'm a survivor.

Speaking of Mr. A-Z. He's in town today for a radio station promo concert type thingy. I entered the contest and the Bastard People didn't draw my name so I am without tickets. This means I don't get to go. It is almost a full 2 years since he came anywhere remotely near me and I can't go. Ugh.

In honor of Mraz actually making it to Louisville once (in the hopes that he will make it here again in the fall, when I can buy tickets) I am dubbing today Jason Mraz Day in the Lola household. All Mraz, all the time. Starting with me watching the dvd concert and continuing with me toting around my iPod in my festive pink jacket whilst I clean the house and do laundry and otherwise prepare for my trip. It'll probably end with the dvd as well. Since I can't see him live I might as well see other people see him live.

Bear in mind, I will be skipping while I clean and prepare. I've had some unususal bursts of energy in the past few days. I wonder why? Oh yeah, Atlanta/Numbers/Tattoos in 2 days and a wake up!!!!

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