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27 June, 2005
This is not spell checked or any other thing checked. I haven't the time. Yet, here it is anyway...

As you can see from my delightful ticker above, my birthday is a mere 6 days away. That is 6 days left of my twenties. If I had a second to think about that it might be harrowing, but I don't, so it isn't. The twenties were pretty good to me. Yeah, a lot of them sucked eggs, but I sure learned a lot. I especially learned that I rarely had car accidents, but when I did I made them count. However, I never got hurt. So that's something. I also learned that I am a dog person. I had a cat when I was in elementary school who hated everyone but me (I loved that cat a lot) then didn't get another pet, a dog (sort of) till I was 12, and that time I got one that barely qualified as an actual animal (the most Sammie ever weighed was 9 pounds. She made Tinkerbell look obese, and well dressed. Remind me to tell you of the year I bought her an argyle sweater and a New Orleans Saints sweatshirt.) made it obvious a real dog, Gus, was the way to go for me. Now I have 2 real dogs and M will not shut up about getting another.

I also learned that I hatehatehate living in an ugly house. Hence the remodel. I got into it with the Grandmonster today about the kitchen. She has agreed (all on her own, without me prodding and going out to find bamboo shoots) that only a few of the current TG collection pictures will go back in the kitchen. This occurred after I told her that if I was gonna spend eleventeen hours spackling the holes in the walls she's gonna have to find another way to display things rather than nailing them to the wall. I think she knows that this doesn't mean she can nail them to the furniture, but Ima hide the hammer just in case.

Grandmonster and I packed up all of her wedding china into waterproof containers a few weeks ago so she could give it to her daughter, The Flake. Now The Flake is the type of person who steps up anytime we say we are getting rid of something and says to not throw it away because she wants it. Then it sits in our house till I have to rent $2000 worth of dumpsters to get rid of it. So when we packed up the dishes I told Grandmonster AND The Flake that these would stay in our house no longer than a week. Yup, they are still here. They now reside under Grandmonster's living room table.

I told her today that The Flake needs to pick them up in the next 2 days since we would be needing the space to store things while my mother and I redo the kitchen. She balked at the idea that we'd need the space under the table. Um...where exactly do you think we will be putting OUR dishes while we repaint and refinish the cabinets? We're gonna need all the space we have. Hence why M and I have spent the last 2 weeks emptying out the dining room, our family room, M's office, and our bedroom. We also have to get all of the crap out of the buffet and sideboard and that stupid shelf thingy that is hiding behind the kitchen table in such a way so that no one can sit on that side. These have to be emptied because I can't move them when they are full.

She looked confused for a second and then asked why we needed to move the furniture. Because I am not planning on painting AROUND the furniture so there are clean white walls everywhere except where ugly furniture is. Plus, I'm betting no one wants to hold the buffet up in the air while I put down new linoleum and keep it elevated while the glue dries.

"We're getting new linoleum?" sayeth she.

"No, I just brought those samples home for you to pick and choose from because I thought it might be just the thing to break up your day." sayeth I.

I told her that everything needed to be moved by this weekend (not DURING this weekend, but BY this weekend. meaning by Friday evening.) because M and I were busy all weekend and the remodel starts pretty quick after that. So if there is stuff you want it has to find a home outside of the kitchen by then and if there is stuff The Flake wants it has to go to her home by then. M will drive it there himself.

Our tete `a tete went on for another few minutes but it got really boring and silly by then. Final result? She's moving ALL her stuff out of MY kitchen. BONUS!!! I might be getting the hang of this in-laws thing. Bad for blogging but good for me!

So back to my original point. I think I had one. Oh yeah, tis birthday season. M's is tomorrow. The Flake's is Wednesday. Mine is Sunday. I am back on full time Mo duty (and at least one of you know why I don't mind that) because she is sick all over again. She was getting better, now getting worse. I'm just looking for a happy medium. However, I did do something just for me this weekend. I went to see Bewitched and sprung for the Director's Hall cushy seats with the footrest. Worth the extra 2 dollars and then some. So, I am partially recharged and ready to run again.

That's it for today. I know it was rambly and pointless and all over the place, but just be happy I blogged at all. Now someone help me find my bra so I can go out into the world and fetch ginger ale. I seem to have misplaced it again. Gayan!!! I think Amanda took a hostage.

Oh, and a HOWDY to my own personal mama and her darling friends who stop by here occasionally to read the goings on in DGN's daughter's life. I'm honored to be a part of your free internet time. Feel free to comment at will.

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