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06 June, 2005
Since I am at a loss for time (therefore the words will have to wait) I figured I'd leave you with a thousand in pictures.

Guess who turned 1 year old this past week?
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As it turns out, her actual first birthday was Auntie Lala day! I must say I loved each and every second of it. Plus, Auntie Lala and Uncle M were in attendance for her birthday party yesterday. A sweeter birthday girl has never been seen. Happy Birthday Missy B!

As soon as I figure out how to resize my images from my photo cd I'll show you some ink. Right now I'm helping to organize an Old Times Sake party for later on in the year. So...if you, or someone you know went to New Albany High School in the early 90's let me know. I'll putcha on the list. Make the trip home for Harvest Homecoming and see our old stomping grounds and help us reclaim our youth. If you are in this picture:
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or this picture:
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get in touch with me and I'll get Colleen to send you an evite. The party planning is starting this early so we can maximize our time to get as many people back together as possible and give any out of towners time to plan their own Harvest Homecoming. Just remember the doughnuts and gyros and apple dumplings. That'll be good incentive. Plus, you know you miss me.

Now I'm off to catch up on much needed housework. Someone come over here with a mop and bucket and help me.

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