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10 June, 2005
Have you ever tried to walk through water? Not walk on water, but through it. Like playing Marco Polo and trying to run through waist deep water to get away from that splashing sound that you know means that "it" is right close to you and if you don't haul ass you're goona be "it". That is the metaphor of the week to explain my life. I'm just trying to keep up and it is taking monumental effort to do so. Everything is getting done, thanks to my amazing friends who have taken on some of my shit for the week to leave me a little breathing room. I'd go into the fabulosity of my friends once again, but I just don't have the words. I go though times where I am annoying, stressed, traumatized, and no longer remember or have time to be good to myself, much less to be a good friend, and still they love me and lend a helping hand/ear/boob. I am constantly amazed by the goodness I see in them. Ima do my best to live up to the love they continuously show me.

So since I have been wading though waist deep water for about 10 days, I don't have a helluvalot to blog about, but I know if I don't stay in the habit I will let myself give up the blogging thing. I enjoy doing it and I get a whole lot out of it, so I am not going to let go of this, one of the few things I do for me on a regular basis. Instead of another meme I'll just use my cop out from earlier in the week and post more pictures.

Lookit me getting a tattoo.
Image hosted by

Lookit Allie's tattoo.
Image hosted by

Lookit Allie being all hot and shit.
Image hosted by

More to come as soon as I can get the rest of the picutres on Photobucket.

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