26 July, 2005
I am a bad blogger. I've been averaging one a week. Thank goodness M finally got his new computer! He spent a few hours on mine last night taking all his stuff off and freeing up countless bytes of space for me and only me. *mmwaaaahhahaha* It's MINE! ALL MINE!!! No more hearing the words "Hey, can I use your computer for a little while?" then having him bogart it for hours and hours. Now I will probably never see him again other than in passing on the way to the bathroom but that's pretty much okay with me for right now. At least this means I can play Sims 2 as long as I want and actually have enough space on the computer so it doesn't take a million years to load every time the Sims sun goes down or comes up. That bugged me.

So, I haven't been on the computer much lately. I guess y'all realize this is due to the whole kitchen remodel thing. I've been knee deep in spackle and wood paste and Kilz and stuff. Cabinet resurfacing is not the most fun thing in a while, so you know. I realized last night that when I said I wanted to remodel my kitchen what I meant was I wanted to design a new kitchen and remove all the crap that wasn't mine from the kitchen and shop for all the new stuff I did want and pick colors and all, but I wanted someone else to do the actual remodeling thing. And I wanted another working kitchen to use while the old one was being prettied up. Having a working kitchen is one of those things you take for granted...until you don't have one.

But the new range and over-the-range microwave will be delivered on Friday and installed on Saturday. Ima have to figure out how to remove the cabinets that are currently living where the microwave will soon be living before then I guess. I should also sell the Pay Per View rights to video tape me using the power tools needed to remove the offending cabinets because we all know that's the kinda funny that wins you $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos. Especially if I drop something on M's nether regions while attempting to pry the facing off the cabinetry. I have wonderful aim. Just ask the devilboss. I nailed her upside the head with a cigarette butt this weekend. I still maintain that there was a rogue updraft that was the true culprit. Hey, at least it wasn't a lit cigarette!

In my Grand Plan, which is turning out to be much more of a Caper, of the kitchen remodel the true hero has been Supermom. My own personal mama has helped me every step of the way and insists on doing the heavy lifting even though she knows I can probably lift all that stuff too. She's made the Caper much less of a Fiasco than it would have been without her and made HUGE progress when I couldn't. I am SO getting her a puppy and housetraining it for her. Of course this will be after I replace all the stuff she broke. Guess where I get my clumsy streak? S'ok though. I installed the ice maker myself so fixing it won't be a problem and they let us exchange that counter top with minimal effort. The old milk bottle is history though. Cha. As if I was gonna keep it anyway. Less clutter is the theme I'm going for so as long as I make sure the stuff that gets broken a) does not belong to me and b) isn't something Ima need anyway I think we'll come out of this ahead.

Okay, I'm done. Happy Birfday to M'ary, my darlingest dear. Welcome home Christel and lay off the situps long enough for me to hug you then do some situps in my honor. Peace out.

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23 July, 2005
I can't say what Harry's wild about till the Harry-o-philes in my life have finished the book. Because spouting off theories about why the things that happened in Book 6 happened before the people in my life have finished reading the book is the quickest way to get Lola maimed beyond recognition. It goes without saying that I have had one entire week of sitting on pins and needles waiting for SOMEONE to finish it so I can say it out loud. If you are done with the book you know what I need to say outloud and that the only way I'll be able to deal with it is to discuss it (at length and ad nauseum) with another person. But no, I read too fast. I always have. Now I just have to wait. They haven't even finished putting the major stuff in the recap on The Harry Potter Lexicon yet. It's a good thing this has been an obscenely busy week. I've barely had time to deal with anything.

Yesterday I spent with Mo. I had to bake a gabillion cookies for a benefit and while I was there I got a few things done around Mo's house as well as running her to and from the mechanic's so she could get the oil changed in her car. Yes, she is going on 84 years of age. Yes, she still has a valid driver's license. Yes, she still uses it. Be really glad you don't live here.

While I was off at Clyde Crashcup's School of Driving With The Elderly, M was at home spackling and priming the walls of the kitchen. I hate to spackle even more than I hate to vacuum so this was a HUGE weight off my shoulders. While I am off having fun today, M is going to finish sanding and priming the walls so I can paint them this week. I have a feeling he is seeing visions of homecooked meals in his future and knows the quicker it gets done the quicker he eats. Smart boy, that M. We've already purchased the new stove, over-the-range microwave, kitchen table and chairs, and Betsy. Betsy is my brand spanking new mixer. She is HUGE and I love her. They didn't have the big Kitchen Aid mixers in a whole lot of colors so I got one called Nickel Pearl. It's basically chrome with a pearlized finish. The better to not show floury fingerprints, my dear. I'm in love and I used her all day yesterday and if I can surmise her feelings from the wonderousness of the cookies that were baked yesterday, she loves me back. Ahhh, a relationship I can put my whole heart and soul into and get really fat in the process!

Okie dokie smokie, I'm off to the Puppy Pretty Parlor to get the beagles' mani pedis' then it is off to the benefit.

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18 July, 2005
FINALLY!!! I didn't think I was gonna make it. I love my husband and adore spending time with him...but DAMN! At looooong last, M has left the building. For the last 17 days he has been in my house and using my computer and touching all my stuff and in general making a pest out of himself. Now he is back at work and I am back to an empty house. Well, almost empty. Grandmonster is at her monthly doctor's appointment but BIL#1 is now on vacation. Fortunately, I rarely see him since he spends all his time either sleeping or watching TV or playing Playstation, none of which require him to leave his room. I do have news for him though. As soon as the check clears I'm buying schloads of paint and guess who is gonna help me paint? He will if he wants to keep living here.

Let's see, what else has been going on since my unceremonious departure from the blog? Ummm, I discovered that the color of the walls of the kitchen, underneath the fugly wallpaper, is possibly the most revolting shade of mint green known to man. Daaaamn, and I love mint green. The last time I saw that particular shade of green was on the chairs in a hospital waiting room. It wasn't cute then either.

On the kitchen update front I went to Lowe's with The Mom last week with a clear idea of what I wanted and as expected left there with no clue whatsoever. I knew Mom wouldn't approve of the majority of the choices I'd made as far as floor tile and colors and such and I knew she'd talk me out of them. I put up a really good fight though. The most annoying thing about Mom is that she usually disagrees with me and she is usually right. So now I am back to square one...or square three at least. She did, in fact love the border tile I picked out as well as my choice for the light fixture in the dining room. So that's cool.

Grandmonster is still sick and still hasn't called her family doctor. She has re-interpreted her oncologist's directions to suit her whims (she doesn't want to see another doctor because apparently no human on the planet should be forced to see more than one doctor at a time). He told her last month to call her family doc. She decided he meant to call them if she actually died of her symptoms instead of just living a miserable existence and taking the rest of us with her. She also decided when he told her that if the over the counter stuff she was taking gave her a fever to stop taking it meant that if the over the counter stuff didn't work at all she should stop taking it and then whine about how sick she still was.

Yup, I'm over that. I told her this morning before she left to tell her oncologist that she has not gotten any better and it has been like this for about 2 months now. She is to come home with a full report and if he tells her again to make an appointment with her family doc she is to do it by noon tomorrow or I will do it for her and drive her there myself to hear what all that one has to say.

She said she didn't want to bother anyone. I told her she is bothering me and if she kicks the proverbial bucket any time soon we all know that I will be the one doing all the paperwork for funeral arrangements and such and that will just serve to piss me off and that lends itself to her being buried in a cardboard box under the new patio without a word to any relatives of her untimely (because she'd have more time if she'd just CALLED THE DOCTOR ALREADY) demise. Plus I'd make sure each and every TG and Dale Sr. trinket found a happy new home in the city dump. Here's hoping that works. Here's also hoping that she knows I am only half kidding. And I get to decide which half.

My next step is to tell TG on her.

Okay, M is home from work now. This means that I am, once again, off like a prom dress. I'll try to dig my way out of the kitchen rubble long enough to post more often.

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09 July, 2005
And what is my first act as a 30 year old? Refinancing this house, that's what. That has been the main goal of this past week and it is well accomplished. We're getting a damn good sized cash out and when we were deciding whether we were gonna put that back into the mortgage or do something else with it we saw it was a no brainer. So here I am with a mortgage (we have it down to one now and since as of Tuesday ALL of our credit cards will be paid in full we just might be eking out a better existence than previously predicted) like a real grown up lady and a decent check that will be handed to me in mere days. What are we gonna do with it? WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!!!!

No, not really. But it is almost as good. Since it was decided that we were not going to put the cash out back into the mortgage, we decided to put it back into the house. The point being that we'd really like this house to still be standing by the time we finally pay it off. So in addition to getting the new gutters and putting vinyl siding on the front of the house so we don't have to paint I am finally getting my very first, designed by me from the ground up, with no pictures of anything I don't want to see, with brand new everything, Grown Up Sadie Sadie Married Lady Kitchen. Yes, I'm naming it Sadie. Yes, I am buying one of those framed nameplates that you add the letters yourself (Yea for Hobby Lobby)that boldly says "Sadie" and hanging it over the pantry. Because I can. And because T.G. doesn't live there anymore.

We've got all the numbers crunched and it's looking pretty good for the kid. M and I took off on a reconnaissance mission yesterday to Lowe's and came home with 4 pages of prices of stuff we're gonna need. Looks like I just might be getting a new Kitchen Aid mixer! I am narrowing down the list of colors I might end up with. So far it is between cobalt, lemon yellow, and lime green. Yes, I know the lime green will not match the kitchen. Yes, I also know that I run the risk of Jennysue coming over and kidnapping my mixer. This is why it is last on the list. Of course, it is the color I want the most which is why it is still on the list. And don't get me started on the glories of my new linoleum or stove. Add that to the joys of new cabinet doors and hardware and the new 9.5" depth offset stainless steel sink and you've got one happy homeowner.

So, if I am slack on the blogging in the near future it will be because I am wrapped up in power tools and sanding 50 years of grime and ugly wallpaper off the walls of the new digs. Now someone help me pick out my new kitchen table and island.

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