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05 October, 2005
I thought we had a foothold. I thought things might, just might, be turning in our favor. Turns out it was just those stupid clicks before the big drop. I'll be hanging upside down soon. That smile on Sunday was a fluke.

She may not be bright but she is crafty and she does play dirty.

Plus, I have the hiccups.

And the migraines are back.

But I do have cookies.

And creme brulee ice cream from Hagen Daz.

And Starting Over is being TiVoed as we speak.

And I have Natasha Bedingfield's new CD.

Someone please pray for strength for M. I think God is sick of listening to me. Either that or His answer was "No". I hope it is just the first one because this is officially too much for me and my next therapy appointment isn't till next Friday.

On another note, I am thoroughly sick of this template. I found a few I like but they come in zip files and although I have Winzip I have no idea how to use it. If anyone wants to teach me I am willing to learn. I just need a change.

Blech, Ima go fold laundry.

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