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Hi baby!!!!!

I am missing you...wishing you a good day.
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28 October, 2005
Since I can't blog about what is going on in my life and I think about it far too much anyway, I'd say this is a good time for a copycat post. So this is what happens when you type in [your name] and the word "needs". And now for your moment of meme.

Lola needs... a good home to call her own. (prophetic, no?)

Lola needs... someone to write a user manual for the database.

Lola needs... a hundred thousand marks for Manni.

Lola needs... to go sit down somewhere.

Lola needs... to let her inner slut out for an airing.

Lola needs... the love of her life to accept the changing tide of his life.

Lola needs... to help her boyfriend, Manni, out of a jam he's gotten himself into. (ahhh, I was wondering who Manni was. Run, Lola, run.)

Lola needs... to be sold NOW as her owner has already purchased a new pony and horse.

Lola needs... to get some capital behind her and sort out her next step.

Lola needs... even more.

In the immortal words of Missy B (words that were taught to her by Lola herownself) , TAA DAA!!!

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